Lucy Returns from the Sahara

Charnwood Molecular has been a key sponsor of Keele University PhD student, Lucy Tunstall, during her trek across the Sahara Desert in aid of St Lukes Hospice in Winsford, Cheshire.

Charnwood Molecular - Lucy Returns

The trek covered a 50km stretch of difficult Saharan terrain, and the trip to and from the desert itself took nine hours, giving some indication of the remoteness of the trail!

Lucy’s group covered the 50 kilometres over a four day period, and in doing so raised over £25,000 for St Lukes Hospice. The group used social media to maintain a blog throughout the trek.

The expedition involved scaling endless sand dunes, battling scorching temperatures by day and sleeping out under the stars.

Lucy has now returned from the group’s base in Marrakesh and is back working and completing her PhD studies. Lucy’s work on the development of novel anti-malarials at Keele is co-funded by Charnwood Molecular.

Lucy is a keen fund raiser and this is just the latest of a series of challenges that she has undertaken to raise funds for St Lukes Hospice.

“I am most grateful to Charnwood Molecular for sponsoring me” said Lucy. “Without the company’s support, I would not have met my funding target to participate, and I am so pleased that I got to undertake this challenge”, she added.

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