Medicinal Chemistry

We can offer access to a range of Drug Discovery services for our clients, from Synthetic Chemistry support through to many aspects of fully collaborative Medicinal Chemistry programs, where our scientific team, assembled with wide and varying experiences from across the industry, focus on providing intellectual input and enabling an effective Design-Make-Test cycle for the rapid advancement of projects.

Charnwood Molecular, an award-winning, UK-based CRO, has been providing expert synthetic chemistry support to the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. We have seen a growing demand for our virtually integrated Drug Discovery services, which we provide through a dynamic network of trusted partners, allowing our clients to access the highest levels of expertise across the different disciplines of the Drug Discovery process in a cost-effective and synergistic manner. Our clients include start-up companies and Research Institutes, all of whom benefit from a proactive and open approach, geared towards rapidly advancing projects towards important decision points.

The core chemistry stages of the drug discovery process covered at Charnwood Molecular include:

Target Identification & Validation:where we can supply biological tool compounds in a timely manner at an appropriate scale to support your Discovery program.

Hit Identification: where we use a range of in silico screening techniques to identify new hit series. We also provide activity confirmation through compound resynthesis, followed by hit triage based on drug-like properties and further, early exemplification to provide initial SAR to support H2L.

Hit-to-Lead (H2L): where we can provide focused libraries for SAR, as well as scaffold hopping capabilities to move your projects into free IP space. We can also assess key ADME/Tox liabilities, allowing us to rank emerging hit series for LO.

Lead Optimisation (LO): where we can work to an agreed target candidate profile (TCP), employing an iterative design-make-test cycle, as shown below, to enable multiple parameter optimisation with the aim of delivering a pre-clinical candidate.

Some example Case Studies highlighting our work at each of the different stages of the Drug Discovery process are provided –